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Little Cayman

Located just 80 miles northeast of Grand Cayman but worlds apart in terms of pace and atmosphere, Little Cayman is perfect for vacationers looking for secluded scuba diving, fly or spin fishing, and nature. This tiny isle spans only 11 miles in length and two miles at its widest point. With none of the glitz of big brother Grand Cayman, Little Cayman greets guests with all the necessities, including several small resorts and condominiums with air-conditioning, satellite television, and telephone service.

With just over 100 permanent residents, the island's biggest population is that of birds and iguanas. Over 2,000 Little Cayman rock iguanas call this island home, so many that "iguana crossing" and "iguana right of way" signs are posted to protect these lizards, which can grow up to five feet in length.

It may be little but this island is a giant in the world of ecotourism in terms of diving, fishing, and birding. The late Philipe Cousteau once called the island's Bloody Bay Wall one of the best dives of his life; today it's still a favorite with scuba divers.

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