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Little Cayman Scuba Diving

Its name may be "little," but this island is a giant in the world of scuba diving. Along its 10-mile length, 57 dive sites are marked with moorings. The most famous site is Bloody Bay Wall on the north side of the island. The wall drops off just a short swim from the shore at a depth of only 20 feet, making it a favorite with snorkelers as well.

Best Dive Sites

Bloody Bay Wall
Starting at a depth of just 25 feet, this site is a favorite with every level of diver and is considered one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. Named one of the top dive sites by the late Philipe Cousteau, the wall is thick with sponges and corals and also features many formations such as chimneys, canyons, and coral arches. The wall is a spectacular sight, dropping into sheer blackness from, just inches away, the clear turquoise shallows.

Nancy's Cup of Tea
On the north side of the island off Big Channel, this dive site begins at a depth of just 35 feet before plunging into inky waters. Decorated with multicolored sponges as well as gorgonians. Look for lots of marine life here.

West of Nancy's Cup of Tea, this shallow site is home to eagle rays, groupers, and more. Small caverns and overhangs make this spot special.

Marilyn's Cut
Off Grape Tree Bay on the north side of the island, the cut or crevice leads to a wall filled with sponges and gorgonians.

Randy's Gazebo
Out from Jackson's Point, Randy's Gazebo is noted for its tunnels and swim-throughs. This wall dive includes a natural arch that's a favorite with underwater photographers.

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