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Blossom Village, Little Cayman

Most of the island's residents live on its southernmost tip near a community called Blossom Village. Here's you'll find island services, including the airport, car rental agency, grocery store, gas station, real estate office, restaurant, and several accommodations.

The island's main road carves through town, but there's certainly no need to worry about traffic. So little happens on this island, in fact, that there's only one policeman (but locals warn that he's happy to use his new radar speed gun) and one taxi (but the driver has another job, so don't expect pick up at a moment's notice).

Past the main road, side streets wind through Blossom Village, curving past cheery neighborhoods where everyone knows one another and visitors are greeted with waves and smiles. A small cemetery, many of its graves marked with conch shells and white crosses bleached even whiter by the Caribbean sun, marks the final resting place of former Little Cayman residents.

Parallel to Blossom Village stretches a protected marine park, home of some of the top snorkeling and dive spots on the island. Here divers find Grundy Gardens, Windsock, Harlod's Holes, Jay's Reef, Charlie's Chimney's, Patty's Point, Pirates Reef and Preston Reef, each the location of myriad marine life and underwater formations. Several dive operators offer trips to popular sites.

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