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Beyond Blossom Village, Little Cayman

Beyond Blossom Village, the main road, known formally as Guy Banks Road on the southern stretch of the island, winds north past scrubby brushland. Soon the road passes the Booby Pond Nature Reserve, a brackish mangrove pond. Trees are dotted with white birds red-footed boobies and overhead the distinct shape of the magnificent frigate bird can be seen soaring on the trade winds.

The bay to the north of Owen Island is known as South Hole Sound and this inlet marks one of the few intersections on the island. Here the Crossover Road, or more formally Spot Bay Road, crosses to the other side of the island.

Continuing north, the main road soon loses its pavement and gives way to packed dirt and sand, safe for all vehicles. Stay on the road, however, because deep sand is found at some turnoffs. Along this stretch of road you'll pass many shallow ponds on the left side, each lined with low vegetation that forms a home for the island's bountiful bird population.

Birders enjoy a drive by Tarpon Lake, a brackish lake filled with tarpon. A favorite with anglers, the lake has tarpon ranging from three to 15 pounds. Birders will find more interest along the pond's shoreline. Scrubby undergrowth grows thick as you work your way to the north side of the island, climbing a slight rise. This is the island's driest end, a place where the terrain becomes marked with tall cacti and century plants (agave).

East Point is the easternmost point of the island. From here you can see nearby Cayman Brac, located seven miles across the channel. This stretch of Little Cayman is nearly deserted, with just a few lone cacti overlooking acres of undeveloped land.

The road then turns back south and traces the northern coast of Little Cayman, a stretch that's one of the favorites with divers. By far the most popular area is Bloody Bay Wall, located near where the Crossover Road comes out on the north coast road. This stretch of coastline is a marine park, safeguarding what has often been called one of the best dive locations on the globe.

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