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Little Cayman Beaches

Owen Island

Owen Island, seen to the right as you travel north from Blossom Village, is an uninhabited island. It spans just 11 acres and is a popular day trip destination for picnickers, who can reach the island's sandy beaches by row boat.

Point of Sand or Sandy Point

This isolated strip of pinkish sand is our favorite on Little Cayman. Swimmers and picnickers find an excellent spot at Point of Sand, a.k.a. Sandy Point. Turn right off the main road where you see a stop sign at the approaching road.

The sand is packed for the first half of the drive, but stop at the wide section. Do not attempt to take vehicles down to the beach because of deep sand. It's a long walk back to town and there are no facilities or telephones in this park.

This beach, luminescent with beautiful pink sand, is one of the island's prettiest and also most secluded. You very well might spend the entire day on this stretch of beach and never see another person. On weekends, visitors from Cayman Brac often come over to enjoy the beach. A covered picnic table invites you to enjoy a quiet lunch with the sound of the sea as background music.

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