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Sightseeing on Grand Cayman

Whether you go out as part of a guided tour or rent a car and explore on your own, you'll find that Grand Cayman's attractions are easy to reach and definitely worth the visit.

Seven Mile Beach and North

Cayman Turtle Farm The most visited attraction on Grand Cayman, the Turtle Farm showcases the loveable sea turtles that make their homes in the surrounding waters.

Stingray City One of the most unique attractions in the Caribbean, Stingray City gives you the chance to swim with (as well as pet and feed) stingrays in the wild.

Hell This small town is known for its devilishly sharp rocks (and touristy shops where you can mail a postcard that's postmarked from Hell.)

In George Town

Cayman Islands National Museum Explore the history of these islands in this museum located in George Town.

Atlantis Submarine See what lies beneath the waters around Grand Cayman thanks to this real sub that plunges to a depth of 100 feet.

Seaworld Explorer A less expensive operation by the Atlantis, this vessel is like a glass bottom boat and views marine life and two shipwrecks.

Nautilus Undersea Tour A good option for families, this tour is somewhat like a cross between a sub and a glass bottom boat; the vessel never submerges so you can always walk back up on deck.

Elmsie Memorial Church Built by a shipbuilder, the ceiling of this historic church resembles a ship's hull.

Stingray Brewery This brewery produces the beer sold throughout the islands.

Self-guided history tours

East of George Town

Pedro St. James Also called Pedro Castle, this historic home is considered the "Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands."

Mastic Trail Grand Cayman's best known trail is a favorite with ecotourists and birders.

Blowholes Especially on days when the sea is rough, you'll see water spray up into the air at these natural formations.

Pirate Caves Located in Bodden Town, some believe pirate treasure was hidden in these caves now open for public tours.

Queen Elizabeth Botanic Garden Whether your interests are floral gardens, Caymanian history, or local wildlife such as iguanas, you'll find a good reason to visit this quiet garden.

Rum Point Spend afternoon under the casuarina trees at this beach getaway that includes restaurants and beach bars plus snorkeling and watersports.

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