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Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Across the North Sound lies a long stretch of land that is the main destination for most Cayman Islands vacationers.

This is Seven Mile Beach, which sprawls north of George Town, sandwiched between the sea and the North Sound. This narrow strip of land may be small but it's not short on accommodations and restaurants; this is the heart of vacationland.

Here dive shops, watersports operators, beach bars, sportswear shops, and fine restaurants stand shoulder to shoulder, separated by some fine-needled casuarina trees. They look out on a calm, baby-blue sea that covers some of the top scuba diving sites in the world.

North to south along Seven Mile Beach runs West Bay Road, the main thoroughfare and one that can sometimes get downright crowded. Along this road you'll find the lion's share of Cayman's tourism business.

Along Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman narrows to a skinny stretch about a mile wide, bordered by the beach on the west and North Sound to the east. On its eastern edges, the sea forms a rugged boundary, at some points etching into the land with salt creeks and harbors.

The largest harbor along this stretch of North Sound is Governor's Harbour, where Governors Creek offers a maze of natural and man-made canals. Today it's lined with luxury lots and lavish homes as well as the Cayman Islands Yacht Club.


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