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Fishing on Grand Cayman

Fishing is more than just a popular activity in Cayman, it's a national obsession. Shore, reef, and deep-sea fishing are available year-round and local guides can provide tackle and point out the best fishing spots on each island.

Bonefishing is a top activity. These three- to eight-pound fish are found in shallow flats and afford any angler a good fight on spinning gear. Reef fishing is also found along the many miles of reefs that surround these islands.

For travelers seeking deep water action, charters will gladly take them on a hunt for gamefish, including blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, dolphin (dorado) and barracuda. Taking out a charter boat is not an inexpensive proposition, but for many visitors it's the highlight of their trip.

A half-day charter begins at about US $400 and may range as high as $1,000 for a full-day trip aboard a large charter with state-of-the art equipment and tackle. Fly fishing continues to grow in popularity here but anglers should bring all their equipment, as guides and charters do not supply saltwater fly rods.


The Cayman Islands government encourages the catch-and-release of the blue marlin to help maintain this species in its waters. The government offers free citations to anglers who release their marlin; a form can be obtained from the boat's captain or the charter boat booking office to receive this citation.

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