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Scuba Diving, Grand Cayman

Even among the "been there, done that" scuba crowd, Grand Cayman is a winner. Travelers lucky enough to visit the island will find a wealth of dive sites.

The Cayman Islands are universally recognized as a top dive destination. Since 1957, with the founding of the Caribbean's first dive operation on Grand Cayman, these islands have caught the attention of the diving world. Bob Soto established this first Cayman dive operation and today over 40 dive operators provide service on the three islands.

Over 200 sites lure divers of all abilities, from beginners looking for shore excursions and shallow reef dives to advanced divers looking for wreck and cave explorations. The island is surrounded by approximately 60 miles of dropoffs.

One of the most popular shallow dive sites is Stingray City on the North Sound; this 12-foot dive is memorable for the southern Atlantic stingrays that divers and snorkelers can hand-feed. Incredible visibility, measured at 100 to 150 feet, helps make these islands such spectacular dive destinations. With year-round water temperatures of 77 to 83, visitors can dive comfortably and enjoy an underwater playground that's filled with marine life.

An excellent source of information on Cayman diving is the Dive Cayman website operated by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism. Here you'll find links to local dive operators, information on dive sites, and details of upcoming special events aimed at divers. You can also sign up to receive a free newsletter by email with Cayman diving news.

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Photo courtesy Cayman Dept. of Tourism

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