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Cayman Weather

Usually the weather in the Cayman islands can be summed up in one word: perfect. Blessed with cooling trade winds, these Islands enjoy a temperate climate year-round. You'll find the temperatures warm enough to enjoy a dip in the sea all year through, but cool enough to encourage you to get out and explore the island, stroll George Town for a few hours of shopping, and dine outside comfortably. There's no need to run from an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned hotel lobby on these islands.

The coolest month is February. July and August are the hottest, with highs approaching 90 degrees (although high humidity levels can make it feel much warmer).

Water temperatures vary slightly during the winter months. In the cooler season, the sea ranges from 78 to 82, rising about 5 degrees during the summer months. Rainfall varies with the seasons. Generally, rainstorms are heavy but brief. The islands receive about 46 inches of precipitation annually. The driest times are March and April.

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