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Life Undersea

For travelers, these islands are a destination sought for their underwater attractions, with many of the best dive sites on the globe, waters with a clarity second to none, a diversity of dives to interest even the most jaded diver, and a variety of marine life that can't be beat. Vacations here spend a lot of time in those crystalline waters.

Divers and snorkelers will find marine playgrounds around each of the islands.

Fishermen wrestle wily bonefish in the shallow flats or struggle with blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, or wahoo from deep-water charter boats.

Those looking for a more leisurely pace enjoy sunset sails or long walks along powdery beaches.

Did You Know?

Green sea turtles can stay underwater for several days without surfacing for air.

The green sea turtle is an integral part of Cayman culture and a symbol of these islands. Even in their current protected state, only one turtle out of 10,000 eggs laid reaches maturity. The turtles are threatened by birds, animals, marine life, and, of course, humans. Even so, the turtle has continued to thrive in Cayman waters.

The Cayman Islands have taken strict measures to protect the marine life of these waters. Today the sea turtle is protected and no one may disturb, molest, or take turtles in Cayman waters without a license.


Whenever you are snorkeling or diving, watch out for fire coral. There are many varieties, all edged with white. If you accidentally brush against the coral it will defend itself and burn you like fire!

Each of the Cayman Islands is surrounded by coral reefs, producing some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean. Divers have a chance at spotting a wide array of marine life, partly because of the deep water located nearby. The Cayman Trough, the deepest waters in the Caribbean, lies between this nation and Jamaica, with depths that plunge into inky blackness over four miles beneath the ocean's surface.

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