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Festivals of the Cayman Islands

The islands may celebrate many official government holidays, but by no means is that the end of the partying on these islands. There are special events throughout the year.

The three largest festivals in the year are Pirates Week (October), Million Dollar Month (June), and Aviation Week (June).

Pirates Week is the biggest blowout, and during this time, accommodations can be at a premium. Bring your costumes, matey, for this festival which celebrates the buccaneering heritage of the islands. You can dress as a pirate or a wench or just enjoy the fireworks, parades, tournaments, and other planned activities. The event also includes many chances to eat local foods such as stewed conch and fish tea.

Annual Mardi Gras Parade
Little Cayman. Mid-February.

Annual St. Patrick's Day Jog
March 17. Grand Cayman.

This is the National Culture and Arts Festival. April (the whole month!). Grand Cayman.

Batabano Carnival and Parade
Live music and Caymanian food. Bring your costume! Late April. Grand Cayman.

Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament
Late April, early May. Grand Cayman.

Cayman Brac Cayfest

Cayman Islands International Aviation Week
Early June. Grand Cayman.

Taste of Cayman
Early July. Grand Cayman.

Pirates Week
Be sure to bring your pirate's costume for this blowout! Late October, Grand Cayman.

Johnnie Walker Golf Tournament
October. Grand Cayman.

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