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Cayman Driving Tips

Above: West Bay Road

In true British tradition, traffic travels on the left side of the road. This can be confusing on your first day behind the wheel so start off a little slower than usual. Most cars are right-hand drive so that will also necessitate a few adjustments (on our first excursion we turned on the windshield wipers every time we tried to give a turn signal!).

In George Town, keep an eye out for one-way streets as well as pedestrians.

Remember, many pedestrians, like you, are accustomed to cars being on the right side of the road and may step out at the wrong time.

Watch for yellow lines in the road. These indicate no parking areas. Be sure to stop behind any bus; doors open out in the center of the road. Watch for speed limits and note that driving under the influence is a serious offense in the Cayman Islands.

The toughest driving is along Seven Mile Beach as it makes its way into George Town. This island has a real rush hour both mornings and evenings, so budget a little (make that a lot) of extra time during those peak periods.

During the evening hours, drive especially carefully along this stretch as well. It is packed with pedestrians strolling from hotels to restaurants, as well as vacationers out and about in cars.

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