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Crime & Drugs in the Cayman Islands

We're happy to say that the Cayman Islands enjoy a low crime rate. With the islands' excellent economic position, crime is rare. You can walk on public beaches or stroll along busy West Bay Street after an evening meal without worrying about being mugged.

But no destination is completely crime-free. Use the same common sense precautions you would exercise at home. Don't walk alone on the beach at night. Also, don't leave valuables on the beach while swimming. Invest in a waterproof pouch for keys and necessities and lock other items in your car or hotel room.


Many of the Cayman Islands' rental vehicles are open-air jeeps; to guard against theft leave your possessions in your hotel room when you venture out.


Be warned that the islands have strict anti-drug laws. Marijuana is an illegal substance and possession can result not only in large fines but also in a prison term.

There is no hassling by beach vendors, and we have never been bothered by a drug salesman, which can be a problem on many other islands.

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