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Cayman Brac Orientation

You won't have difficulty exploring Cayman Brac on your own that's half the fun! You can obtain a good road map from the Department of Tourism at the airport or from your car rental agency.

If you get lost, just pull over and ask a local resident for directions.

You'll probably start your look at this long, eel-shaped island at Gerrard Smith Airport. The airport is located on the island's westernmost end near a town named, appropriately enough, West End. This end of the island is also home to most guest accommodations and the island’s only beaches.

You've basically got two routes around the island: A6 traces the northern coast, starting at West End and working past Knob Hill, Banksville, Half Way Ground, Molusca Heights, Tibbetts Turn, and Spot Bay, the most populated area of the island. Along the way, the road looks out on a sea that hides several good dive sites beneath its placid waters. (Maps label the road as A6; locals refer to it as the North Side Road.)

On this eastern end of the island, you'll see more traditional building styles; these were the first houses built on the island. Spot Bay is now constructing Heritage Park, an area which will recall the heritage of the island and offer nature tourism sites and trails.

Or you can take the southern route. On the southern shore, A7 (usually just called the South Side Road) traces its way from West End Point all the way northeast, journeying past the island’s resorts, Brac Reef Beach Resort and Divi Tiara Beach Resort, past several good caves that are favorites with outdoor adventurers, and up to Pollard Bay.

A small center road (labeled Ashton Reid Drive on the maps but known as Bluff Road by residents) works through the center of the island, and this is the route to Cayman Brac’s best known attraction: the bluffs or the Brac. From this road, turn east on the gravel Major Donald Drive (aka Lighthouse Road) and continue to the Parrot Reserve and the Lighthouse.

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