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Cayman Brac Diving

Without a doubt, diving is one of the island's top attractions. Over 50 excellent dive sites tempt all levels of divers.

The best known attraction is a Russian frigate deliberately sunk in September 1996. Renamed the M/V Captain Keith Tibbets, this 330-foot freighter was built for the Cuban navy. It lies approximately 200 yards offshore northwest of Cayman Brac. The bow rests in about 90 feet of water; the stern is just 40 feet below the surface.

The sinking of the vessel was recorded by Jean-Michel Cousteau Productions in a documentary film called Destroyer at Peace.

Before sinking the vessel, the ship was modified and made safe for divers. Divers can now swim through the upper three decks, although the hull and lower decks cannot be entered. Divers can see into most of the ship, including the missile launcher, fore and aft deck cannons, and living quarters.

It doesn't take long for marine life to discover the additions to their underwater home; already divers have reported spotting eagle rays, stingrays, queen angelfish, filefish, four-eyed butterfly fish, puffer fish, batfish, snapper, red soldier fish, sergeant majors, French grunts, barracuda, jacks, and more.

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