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Caves of Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac's scenic bluff is dotted with caves that frame beautiful seaside views. Some believe that pre-Columbian Indians used these caves; others claim they were used as lairs by plundering pirates, using the cave's dark recesses to hide their loot.

The caves are the island's original storm shelters. During the Great Hurricane of 1932, these caves also offered shelter for many Brackers.

Today several of the island's 18 caves have been explored and five are frequently visited by vacationers.

Rebecca's Cave

Located east of Divi Tiara hotel, this path to this cave is marked with signs. The best-known of the island's caves, this cave has a sad history; it is named for a young child who died here during the Great Hurricane of 1932. Her grave is located in the cave, a white tomb clearly visible.

Peter's Cave

Peter's Cave requires either a climb down a steep path or a hike downhill. From the cave's entrance, you can view the community of Spot Bay below.

Other options:

Other choices for spelunkers are Skull Cave (located on the north coast near the high school and east of Faith Hospital), the two-level Bat Cave (located on the south side of the island and marked with signs), and, for those prepared for a steep climb, Great Cave (on the island's south side).


If you are interested in doing some caving, be sure to bring along a flashlight, a pair of old jeans, and good climbing shoes. There are no visitor facilities at the caves.

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